Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Radio... and dials

Finally decided to put a Radio in... and what a job.

4 speakers in the rear two next to the rear doors and two by the back - well above the "water line". Cables run out and underneath (nearly 34mtrs!). Aerial fitted using an existing hole, radio in an under dash case.

Took a long time to get right. Previously I'd installed oil and temp gauges and added a volt meter too this time. Just need to wire up the lighter so I can charge the moby and run a sat nav.

The right handles!

I've sourced the right corners/handles/bumpers for a station wagon as I was missing one.

the wrong ones I bought as an interim solution:

the right ones (and the match the galvy chassis too)

they look so much better!


So, I've now made a kitchen in the Stage 1.

By removing the seats and using the frame I've made a removable kitchenette with water, double burner, sink and waste! (pictures from a Blackberry Bold...)