Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Radio... and dials

Finally decided to put a Radio in... and what a job.

4 speakers in the rear two next to the rear doors and two by the back - well above the "water line". Cables run out and underneath (nearly 34mtrs!). Aerial fitted using an existing hole, radio in an under dash case.

Took a long time to get right. Previously I'd installed oil and temp gauges and added a volt meter too this time. Just need to wire up the lighter so I can charge the moby and run a sat nav.

The right handles!

I've sourced the right corners/handles/bumpers for a station wagon as I was missing one.

the wrong ones I bought as an interim solution:

the right ones (and the match the galvy chassis too)

they look so much better!


So, I've now made a kitchen in the Stage 1.

By removing the seats and using the frame I've made a removable kitchenette with water, double burner, sink and waste! (pictures from a Blackberry Bold...)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Rear axle oil seal

When I checked the brakes I found that on the OSR the shoes were contaminated with diff oil. This is very bad - the seals have gone allowing the grease to be "washed"away.

Stub axle looks fine, but those axle bolts were a pain to remove.

Parts now soaking in some cleaner while I wait for some parts to arrive.

Rear Shocks

Bit of tree lugging, tip running and some horrible Oxfordshire roads and both rear shocks have emptied their oil over the wheels and rear springs.

New ones on order... 

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Found some snow

Lots of snow this week.

Went to the Ridgeway on Saturday and this is what it looked like!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Where's the snow?

Ropes ready and levels checked on the Stage 1. 

Wood cut and stored.

Bring on the Arctic snow.