Sunday, 25 January 2009


Mats cut and fitted - looks good.
Rather than buying pre made I've made my own from horse box mats. 1cm thick rubber non slip mats custom made for a Stage 1.

Adding the missing bits to a standard Series III mat

first fit


Middle box replaced, easy job! The V8 burble is back - nice.

Parts from LR series.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Door Locks

Easy fit last night of a lock on the rear door. Large parcel from LR
Series arrived and this was the smallest bit!

Sunday, 18 January 2009


Had a look at the Choke light - gave up. Took another look at the interior lighting. Gave up there too.

There's some oddities going on behind the dash and evidence of previous repairs as well as a relay that looks wrong. Need to study the wiring diagram.

Sound proofing

Measured up the Dynamat and it looks as if it will fit well over the rear arches. Will look at  it a bit more next week. The Thick rubber mat has not arrived yet.

Brakes, Diffs and Swivel joints.

Checked the brakes and adjusted them today. Found a slight weep on the OSR halfshaft so need to keep an eye on that (will look at the exploded diagram later). Will need to replace the shoes too when I sort it properly. 

Braking much improved too with less pedal travel. No problems found thankfully with the cylinders.

Checked the levels in both diffs as well and found that finger tight Fred had been involved with the front prop. One bold finger tight, one about to drop out! So those have been sorted too.

Checked OSF swivel joint and gave up on the other side when the plug refused to move. Will douse with WD40 a few times over the next week and then try again.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

MOT on Saturday

I've spent the last three months fixing and tweaking the Landy.

The MOT is up on the 22nd of Jan so I'm putting it in for a test to see what else needs doing!


I've been thinking about setting this up for a while.
You are likely in future to find stuff about me and Land Rovers!